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What is a "cryptic crossword" puzzle? And how do you solve them?


You can discover that they are not as hard as you thought, and that they are a lot of fun to do! Check out the Intro to Cryptics, and then, for more cryptic fun, you can purchase the annual collections of Caroline's Cryptics, from over a decade ago!

Cryptic puzzles are more effective than regular crosswords in keeping your brain healthy because they require constant decision making. A good cryptic clue can also give you a laugh. It's "puzzles with a smile."

Caroline's cryptics are intermediate puzzles, not  too easy and not too hard. Like Cox and Rathvon's marvelous puzzles, they follow the rules. Caroline's Cryptics use American spelling and references to make them more solvable for North American solvers.

There's solving instructions for beginners and a huge inventory of puzzles you can order as pdfs or hard copies. The pdf puzzles cost less than 14c a puzzle. There is even the occasional offer of free puzzles. 

Caroline's cryptics can keep you entertained for years. I hope you have as much fun solving them as I do creating them! 

 - Caroline Andrews

News Flash! If you belong to Mensa Canada - watch for Caroline's Cryptics published in mc2 six times a year!


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